04-21-2017 DJ DAN in Milwaukee, WI


A Long Nite Productions, 414 Glass & Grooves, & Electrified Entertainment Presents:

– DJ Dan (first Milwaukee appearance in 4 years) –

* Celebrating 3 years of business at 414 Glass & Grooves in Milwaukee *

Doors at 7:30PM, Music from 8:00PM – 2:30AM

Located in Milwaukee, WI

Venue address will be released at 414 Glass & Grooves (810 N. Old World 3rd St.) from 12pm – 8pm the day of show. We will also be releasing the address online at 7pm the night of the event.

21+ To Enter

Early Bird Presale: $10
Standard Presale: $15
General Admission: 20

Lighting and Sound provided by: Electrified Entertainment

***** FEATURING *****
DJ Dan
Los Angeles, CA
House / Techno
InStereo | APT
DJ Dan continues to bring the funk to everything he does from his label to his tracks to his live sets. His extensive musical knowledge creates a soundscape that connects the past, the present and the future unlike any other artist in today’s scene. His latest album ‘DJ Dan & Friends’ is out now on Beatport!
An innovator. A tastemaker. A true legend – DJ Dan was voted one of the best DJ’s in Los Angeles by LA Times ( His label, InStereo Recordings, has been one of the Top 10 best-selling House labels for 2 years in a row (based on sales). With renowned tracks like “Needle Damage”, and remixes for everyone from Depeche Mode to Duck Sauce, Dan has released several “Top 10 House” tracks on labels such as Toolroom, InStereo, Pacha, Ultra, Guesthouse and is currently one of the highest selling artists on Beatport. He has continued to exhibit his DJ’ing prowess with performances such as his EDC 2014 set, rated one of the best sets of the weekend by as well as Magnetic Mag.

***** ALSO FEATURING *****

Shadow People (Jonn Hawley & JC Hanna)
4 decks X 2 mixers
House / Techno
Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee, WI

Derek Fer Real
House / Techno
Milwaukee, WI

Aubrey Lee
Milwaukee, WI


Chosen By The Funk Presents:

Deep Purple – A Tribute For The Heads

Moodymann (KDJ Records, Mahogani Music) *Minneapolis Debut*

One Midwest funk legend pays tribute to another on the one -year anniversary of the world getting a lot less purple, in the very building where it all began for the Minneapolis icon. Detroit’s Moodymann is so devoted a Prince fan, he turned his entire home in to a shrine for his dearly departed hero last year.

Needless to say, his Prince record collection is substantial, including rarities, b-sides, and unreleased material. At Deep Purple, he will show you just how deep those crates go. You may hear some of the hits, but don’t expect them all night. He will be joined by some of Minneapolis’ finest house and funk DJs to provide a soundtrack of Prince and Prince inspired music all night long.

While on his way to visit a techno museum in Detroit last May, Chosen By The Funk head Bobby Kahn heard the familiar voice of Prince coming from down the block. He followed the music to its source, a house with purple curtains flowing through the windows; Bobby had stumbled upon Moodymann’s Prince palace. From that moment on, he knew he had to get Moodymann to help him pay tribute to Prince.

A few months later, at First Avenue following the massive Xcel Center Prince Tribute, Bobby spotted a familiar face in the crowd. As if he were Moodymannifested, suddenly the man Bobby was after was standing 10 feet in front of him in his favorite club, as Morris Day & The Time were about to take the stage and Stevie Wonder sat upstairs, some 50 feet away.

These two serendipitous connections have now led to Moodymann’s first appearance in Minneapolis in his 20+ year career as a house, funk, and jazz producer/DJ, with an undeniable stamp of approval from the funky man upstairs. The Purple One works his magic in mysterious ways!

With local support:
Daniel Paul Cortez (Hush)
Christian James (Hush, Communion)
Miss Elaine Eos b2b Medicinall (The Headspace Collective)

Hosted by Bobby Kahn

Visuals by Hal Lovemelt

Sound by Andy Fitton

Decorations by Rebel Minx Studios and The Brothers Johnson (Ry, Kurtis)

Presented in association with The Headspace Collective

A Minneapolis Sound 2.0 Event

$18 advance/$20 door
April 21, 2017
9 PM Doors/Show
7th Street Entry at First Avenue

June 2/3/4 2017

Go Ham 3


We will be dedicating this event to the memory of a close friend to the family who recently passed. RIP Matthew Boraichee. We ask that you respect our wishes and not use this event as an excuse to get messed up. That’s not what this scene is about and is not what Throwback Family is about

♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪GET READY TO GO HAM!♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪

Outdoor weather is Back and The Throwback Family has assembled it’s largest gathering to date! We have secured a campground that is over 100 acres with hot showers, clean bathrooms, tons of campsites and we will be kicking off our summer season of events with a massive 5 stage 3 day campout! We got bonfires, bags, a Xbox on a 30foot screen and hella good vibes. The environment is flow friendly and there will be a fire spinning area and plenty of room to BBQ, Hackey Sack , boogie down or throw up a hammock and chillax. We have also included an OPEN DECKS STAGE so that more people will have a chance to leave their thumbprint on this memorable experience. This is a leave no trace event and only positive vibes will be allowed. Leave your worries at the door and come get funky with the family!!


♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪The Ham Stage♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪
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► Danny The Wildchild ◄ (Drum n Bass)

Danny the Wildchild has become one of the most valued drum & bass DJ’s in America. His unique blends of jungle and hiphop beats, amazing scratching and beat juggling consistenly rock heads in every corner of North America. His talents have brought him to perform alongside every major drum & bass DJ you’ve ever heard of, not to mention non dnb acts as well including: Eminem, Method Man, The Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, Moby, MixMaster Mike, and The Pharcyde.
In the studio Danny is a prolific drum & bass producer with years of dancefloor melting experience and a ferocious hunger to spread his original music across the globe. His tunes sound like his DJ sets and are written to be rinsed on the big systems…. When Danny’s in town the ‘Jump Up’ goes down!

► Shhhh it’s a secret ◄ ()
If you can read this you’re part of the resistance

► DJ 3D ◄ (Drum n Bass)

Chicago’s DJ 3D started buying underground dance records in 1983 and spinning them publicly in 1984. He was dedicated to the break-dance era where Afrika Bambaataa reigned and electro funk was a way of life. As the music progressed through time, 3D remained heavily involved in his club work until he noticed a new form of breakbeat music spawning from techno in the early nineties. He followed this path to what developed into the jungle/drum and bass music and culture

► Dan Efex ◄ (Techno/Hardcore)

Dan Efex is well known for his ability to draw a frenzied excitement out of even the mellowest of crowds. It is not uncommon to see fans packed shoulder to shoulder, hands in the air, as he leads them through an energetic and intoxicating journey on the dance floor. There are many who consider him to be one of the founders of the Midwest�s trance scene. But although Dan is perhaps best known for his trance, do not be fooled — he is as diverse as he is skilled! His repertoire of past events includes sets with progressive trance, psychedelic trance, hard techno, hard core, hard house, slow breaks, tribal and ambient. Dan has been a performer in the electronic dance music scene for more than ten years, appearing at nightclubs and events from coast to coast. Starting in the early days, he appeared at the legendary Tunnel (New York), Rise (Baltimore) and Time (Los Angeles). He has since traveled to more than 50 cities throughout the United States and Canada headlining numerous events with some of the world�s best known DJs including: Richie Hawtin, Sandra Collins, Dave Clarke, Pablo Gargano, Chris Liberator, Nigel Richards, Juan Atkins, Derrick Carter, and Joey Beltram — to name a few. A turning point in Dan�s DJ career came when he met Scott Gianquita and Jason Bloom of Deepsky in 1996. He began his production career working with Scott and quickly signed several tracks to Time Unlimited records out of Germany. Dan has been steadily climbing into the hearts and souls of trance-lovers everywhere. He recently contracted with Nepol Records for some of his newest tracks and completed remixes of well-known tracks such as Sasha�s Wavy Gravy. With all the activity surrounding Dan, the media quickly picked-up on his mass appeal. Dan has made guest appearances on Energy 92.7 Clubland Underground and Q101�s Sonic Boom, Chicago�s biggest electronic dance music stations.

► D3RKIN ◄ (Gaia Recordings)

D3RKIN Chicago native has been in the scene for close to two decades playing small to large scale events. Over the years D3RKIN played alongside music industry heavy hitters Daft Punk, Derrick Carter, Luke Solomon, King Britt, and Paul Johnson to name a few. As a producer D3RKIN’s music has done well getting support from House music legends like Mark Farina & Roy Davis Jr., and being featured on sites like Beatport and Traxsource.

► The Tripp Brothers ◄ (Glitch-hop)

The Tripp Brothers have been a staple in the QC Electronic Music scene since 1997. In 2015 they change there style from house and techno to Funk Bass/GlitchHop and have been mesmerizing crowds ever since with their live Saxophone and Trombone funk bass sound. Combined with some wicked scratching, The Tripp Brother’s sound has been spreading through out the Midwest with performance all over Iowa and Illinois. Look out for there up coming album 2 Tripps, out at the end of the year.

► Mauser ◄ (LIVE PA)

► DJ Seven ◄ (House)

DJ Seven Chicago (Also known as DJ SEVEN) is a house music DJ/Producer from the South Side of Chicago. Starting out as a House Party/ Rave DJ in the early 1990’s. He Quickly blew up and traveled DJing numerous events in the Midwest and Southern areas of the United States. He has DJ’d among some of the top DJ’s in the world such as: Daft Punk, DJ Sneak, Steve Poindexter, Robert Armani, Roy Davis Jr. DJ Funk, Danny the Wildchild, Derrick Carter, Paul Johnson, DJ Skip (Shanon Syas) Paul Anthony, Adam X, Heather Hart, Roc Raider (RIP), D-Styles, Nigel Richards and many many more.

Recently DJ Seven Chicago has teamed up with DJ D3RKIN and started to produce house music with Gaia Recordings. His tracks contain elements from some of his favorite 80’s songs. He now has several releases out with artists and labels From USA, France, Romania and spain. Gaia Recordings, Hi Reaction Records, Blue Town Records and Ginkgo Music.

♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪The Rage Stage ♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪

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► KatzMeow◄ (Detroit)

► Diva D◄ (Madison)

► FingerPrint◄ (Wisconsin)

► Dave UV◄ (Milwaukee)

►Otto◄ (BREAKS)

► DJ Prysm ◄ (Indiana)

► Brandon ‘dEEb’ Bean◄ (TBF)

► Skrimshaw◄ (DNBID)

► Subverb ◄ (DNBID)

► Lady Raven◄ (Dubstep)

► Thomas Kelly ◄ (Trance)

► BassdRx ◄ (Dubstep)

► Dieseltroniks◄ ()

► Clark Kentt◄ ()

► Villains Wear Black ◄ (Hardstyle)

► Jungle Noise◄ (Dubstep)

► Order of Chaos◄ (Dubstep)

► Boogie Briggs. ◄ (Wisconsin)

► Nfused◄ (Rockford) NFUSED – Rockford, IL

► I:Contact◄ ()

► Geoki◄ (Trance)

► Roman D ◄ ()

► Jerron Cola ◄ ()

♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪TBF STAGE♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪

► Matthew Martin◄ (House/Techno)

► DJ Los vs Edmund Vega ◄ (Live Saxophone)

► DJ TUTT ◄ (Hybrid PA)

► MINDTZA ◄ (Jackin House)

► Benny Ordonez ◄ (Juke)

► Lars161 ◄ (Techno)

► Jack Richards ◄ (House)

► B-Rad ◄ (House)

► Dee-Jay Shuga ◄ (House)

► Hedspin ◄ (House)

► Djg Illanoize ◄ ()

► Kenny Green ◄ (House)

► Calum Bryans ◄ (techno)

► Zsav ◄ (House)

► DJ Rhapsodic ◄ (Techno / TechHouse)

► Soulgroove◄ (Wisconsin)

► Tom n Jerry◄ (Rockford)

► Wigwam ◄ (Wisconsin)

► Symbolton ◄ (Techno)

► TIMX ◄ (Tech House)

► TCAL312◄ (House)

► DJ Slappy ◄ (Trap)

► Danny Dyon ◄ (House)

► Carlos Loud ◄ ()

► Cory Neil ◄ (Prankstas)

► HEY CAPTN◄ (Tech-House)

► DJ Superfriends ◄ (Quad Cities)

• ROAR Strictly Enforced
• No pets
• Vending will only be allowed by registered vendors in the designated vending areas.
• Please only set up your tent where staff has instructed you.
• Please place all trash in the nearest trash bin, no littering. There are dedicated receptacles for trash, recycling, compost and cigarette butts. Please use them. LEAVE NO TRACE
• Have a great time!
• Please respect the venue and all locals

Prohibited Items
• Animals
• Guns or weapons of any kind
• Illegal substances
• Silly String
• Drones
• Fire Lanterns / Chinese Sky Fire Lanterns / Sky Candles / Fire Balloons
• Bad attitudes

Items to Bring
• Tents
• Bug Spray
• Clothing
• Garbage Bags
• Flashlights
• Flow Toys, Glow Sticks, etc.
• Good Vibes
• Water
• Food (snacks, sandwiches, etc.)

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