25 year Midwest Rave Veteran. Started following the Rave scene in 1992 and I’ve been collecting flyers and music ever since. A lot of what I share has been stored away until recently. I figure we are not getting any younger and there are others that would be interested in seeing the collection so now they are available for all to enjoy. I started sharing flyers on Facebook a few years ago and the response was overwhelmingly positive. I have been encouraged to share these on my own website so here we have it. Others have contacted me and are donating their Midwest flyer collections as well to share as a collaborative effort. If you have any to donate please send me a message.

In 2016 I was invited by Drop Bass Network to put up a flyer display at the historic Even Furthur Midwest rave reunion in WI. The intent was to have a flyer tent open for a few hours a day, but there were so many that wanted to enjoy the memories that I kept it open the entire time. I was honored to have this opportunity and plan to expand the gallery in the future. I have included a few pictures from the event and will post more soon.

Over the next year I will continue to slowly scan/share all of these memories that we all hold near and dear to our heart. Please contribute by commenting on flyers with venue information, pics or anything else you would like to share about the events.

Thanks for the support!


Pic of me dancing in the main tent Friday night @ Little Furthur 1997


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