Even Furthur – Eagle Cave, WI 1996 + Mixes/Daft Punk Video/Lost Footage/Pre Flyer/Pics

Scan_20160730 (26).jpgWhat else can be said about this legendary Drop Bass Network rave in Eagle Cave, WI that hasn’t already been said? 7000 people came together to create a utopian society unlike any other. Our vision was complete for this 4 day weekend of mud, sweat and tears. An unknown Daft Punk stole the show Saturday night when they touched down for the first time in the US at a rave and put WI on the map for eternity. Scott Hardkiss taught us how to fly. Davey Dave & DJ Apollo broke the sound barrier that was literally knocking people over! Some of us were even lucky enough to actually see God and he was not a happy camper like we thought he would be!



Nick Nice & Boo Williams @ Even Furthur 1996 Set

Scott Hardkiss @ Even Furthur Set

Woody McBride – Live PA @ Even Furthur 1996



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